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Inspire2day Messages now Globally available

Nov. 21 2011

We are glad to announce that Inspire2day is now available for SMS subscription wherever you are in the world!!!! Is that great or what?
A limited service is in operation, but will increase according to regional interests.

A Word from Us

Sep. 15 2011

Hello to all our fans. We hope the month of September started on a pleasant note for you?
Our partners would like to apologize for the abrupt suspension of our services. We had a number of technical issues with our SMS service provider which is still under review. You can still access o

iNSPIRED wORDS via SMS in Angola

Mar. 07 2014

Inspire2day via SMS is now available to subscribers in Angola. You can now subscribe to receive Inspire2day on your mobile phones.
SMS' are sent out regularly each week.
The service is absolutely free to mobile phones in Angola.
To subscribe, click&am